I left my phone in the bathroom in the secure area of the terminal prior to my flight. Has it been turned in and will you ship it to me?

Please contact Airport Administration to find out if your phone/lost item has been handed in to lost and found. In order to have your lost item shipped back to you, you will be required to set up a FedEx account if you do not already have one. Please email a physical mailing address to airport administration: smanore@montrosecounty.net. Items are generally shipped back to passengers every Friday.

My son left his teddy bear on the aircraft. Can you ask the airline to look for it for me?

Airport Administration is unable to locate any lost property left on an aircraft. Please contact your airline in order to retrieve items left on your flight.

My luggage never arrived in MTJ. Who do I call?

Airport Administration is unable to assist you with questions pertaining to your luggage, please contact your airline directly.
  • American Airlines 1 800 535 5225
  • Delta Airlines 1 800 455 2720
  • Southwest Airlines 1 800 435 9792
  • United Airlines 1 800 221 6903

I’m interested in working at MTJ. Are you hiring?

Montrose Regional Airport is a county run airport. Please visit the Montrose County website for information pertaining to job openings in Airport Administration. If you are looking for employment with the airlines please contact them directly or come to the terminal and ask them for an application.

What will security allow me to take on the aircraft in my carry on luggage?

Please visit the TSA website for all security questions, including a list  what is and is not allowed in your carryon luggage.

How early should I arrive for my flight?

Due to increased winter flights from December through April, all airlines serving the Montrose Airport recommend that you arrive two hours prior to your flight departure time. During other times of the year, all airlines recommend you arrive 90 minutes prior to your flight departure time.

I need to know the cost of a flight, who do I call?

Airport Administration is unable to help you with information regarding cost of flights. Please contact the airline directly.